Highlander 465 Boat

These boats fulfil a wide range of roles ranging from family outings, fishing, hiring, club and harbour launch use or even dropping the odd lobster pot!
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The Highlander 465 and Highlander Fast Fisher share the same attractive and efficient hull, which performs well at low speed or on the plane without the need for large outboard motors.

These boats fulfil a wide range of roles ranging from family outings, fishing, hiring, club and harbour launch use or even dropping the odd lobster pot!

The Highlander 465 is available as an open boat or with a cuddy and a choice of 2 levels of specification.

Standard features include
– built in buoyancy
– stainless steel keelband and handrails
– an effective non-slip floor finish
– high quality deck fittings

Hand Built
Our mouldings are produced by hand using quality materials and we take pride in the quality of workmanship that goes into building a Highlander Boat.

Engine options
Engines of between 6 and 30hp are recommended, with the lower power ratings giving displacement characteristics and speeds of 6-7 knots, suitable for canals and inland waters with speed limits . A 30hp Tohatsu outboard will give around 20 knots with two adults on board. We regard 25/30hp as the optimum, giving useful performance and good fuel economy. Our boat packages are based on Tohatsu outboards, however we supply other brands if required.

The Highlander 465 has two lockable storage compartments, a steering console with mechanical steering and a single upholstered seat mounted on a simple plinth an additional matching seat can be supplied if required.

Design options
Available as an open boat with a sensibly proportioned cuddy which offers excellent visibility and good protection from the elements. Access to the foredeck for mooring is provided by a generous hatch.

Optional Extras
A wide range of options including canopies, covers, bulkheads, cushions and electronics.

Towing, Trailer and Boat Launch

– The Highlander 465 is easily launched and recovered by two people and towed by an average sized car.
– Trailers are normally by Indespension or Extreme Marine both produce quality products.

We can deliver boats Mainland UK eg Scotland, England and Wales.

Package options
We will put together packages that suit your requirements.

We offer a three year hull warranty on our boats, this is unusual on small boats and reflects the confidence we have in our products, the usual exceptions apply.


  • Length: 4.65m
  • Beam: 1.84m
  • Weight: 295kg (open boat) / 335kg (with cuddy)
  • Maximum Allowed Power: 40HP
  • Recommended Power: 6 – 30HP
  • Person Capacity: 6
  • Maximum Load: 470kg
  • RCD Category: C

Disability Access

Over the years we have worked with a number of customers to develop adoptions to our boats, which has allowed them to get afloat, enjoy pottering about or a spot of fishing. These alterations can be as simple as altering seating or controls.

Whatever the need, we are more than happy to take the time to look at the your requirements and try to (take out try to) develop a safe and practical option which fits in with your needs where practical.

Would you like more information about our boats? We like to talk to our customers, phone us on 01383 553111.

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